ETR, Create a Civilian-Level Digital Financial Payment Public Blockchain

Everyone can articipate in it with a low threshold.
Let value flow freely around the world.

What is ETR?

Ethereum Royalty,ETR is short, the goal is to create a civilian-level digital financial payment public blockchain, everyone can participate in it with a low threshold, so that value can flow freely around the world. At the same time, ETR will also use games as an entry point to create a virtual life blockchain game based on NFT + metaverse, making the link between reality and virtuality more efficient, and enriching the circulation of value.

ETR Ecology


    ETR tokens have lower payment fees, ETR does not belong to any institution, and the payment cost is lower.


    Shaping GameFi base on the next generation blockchain + NFT + metaverse, innovative game mechanics and generous rewards, players can get the benefits brought by GameFi rewards.


    ETR creates a new generation of wallet application functions to provide users with simple, fast, safe and efficient exchange and transaction services.


    ETR NFT is integrated into ETR social media, focusing ont NFT issuance and trading to meet the growing needs of the crypto community.


    ETR is a decentralized trading platform that does not store user funds and personal data on servers, but only serves as an infrastructure to match buyers and sellers who wish to trade digital assets.

ETR Foundation

Headquartered in the United States, ETR Foundation will act as an independent legal entity and be solely responsible for the development and construction, team organization, development, promotion and operation of ETR projects. All the funds raised will be used for technology development, marketing, community building, financial audit, business cooperation and other purposes closely related to the development of the ETR project. The Foundation is an independent institution whose main responsibilities include:

1.The development direction, regulatory goals, research goals and development goals of ETR;

2.external supervision of the construction of the ETR in accordance with these Rules;

3.Support ETR's development and select important partners;

4.Responsible for the development and motivation of the development team and related personnel, participation in rules, legal affairs and compliance supervision.

5.ETR Foundation members serve as initial members of the executive team.


The tiger ecosystem will continue to grow and realize the value exchange, The value system of user intercommunication and scenario application intercommunication.


  • 2022 Q2

    The project passed the security audit and was deployed on the BSC chain, Start brand building, 1.0 product testing;

  • 2022 Q3

    Migration of ETC global users to ETR ecology and investment institutions, And more partners to reach ecological strategic cooperation;

  • 2022 Q4

    Open DAO governance, and support nodes to actively expand the global market, Accelerate the construction of ETR global consensus and community.

  • 2023 Q1-Q2

    Iteration 2.0 ecological product application version and ecological update, Open Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Terra, Near and other public chain deployments, as well as cross-chain bridge development and deployment, Realize the automatic circulation of blockchain value in the whole network, And lower threshold to obtain ETR's ecological value services.

  • 2023 Q3-Q4

    Launch global ETR conference & ecological incubation with dark horse marathon competition, attract more projects access to ETR public chain, promote continuous rise of entire ecological value, be listed on the world's top-tier exchanges.

  • 2024 Q1-Q2

    Product officially launched for public beta, creating 5 million community users around the world. Explore more ways to develop blockchain finance, Become a landmark project in the field of blockchain finance.